Is Eating Fish Dangerous in case of Vitiligo?

There is lots of confusion regarding the intake of fish and milk together in case of vitiligo. Many Ayurveda experts claim that the combination of fish and milk is not compatible and leads to vitiligo. However, Bengali people have fish daily and drink milk after the meal.

There can be the following hypothesis for this Ayurvedic sutra. However, this still needs to be scientifically proven –

Hypothesis 1

Fish and milk should not be taken as the only food combination.

Every specific chemical reaction needs specific ingredients and conditions. The chemical combination of fish along with milk in the digestive environment of the alimentary canal does not produce good results. However, when mixed with other foods like chapatti, rice, curry, spices etc. the bad effects of the combination are nullified since the condition required for bad digestion is not achieved.

It can also mean that fish should not be cooked with milk.

Hypothesis 2

Charak Samhita Nidan Sthana ||Chap 5- Sh-6|| states that especially the combination of a specific fish called Chilchim and milk causes vitiligo.

Chilchim is most probably the Groundfish – a kind of fish that live near the ground of their aquatic/marine habitat. Some of the groundfish species are cod, flounder, sole, and halibut.

According to Ayurveda, fish is considered to be heavy to digest food.

Fish is a cold-blooded animal. There is no active system of temperature regulation in the fish. Therefore the energy requirement and thus the metabolism is very slow. It is less active as compared to the ground animals and lives in water, which is a heat sink. It is supposed to have a very high Kapha element because of its adaptation to an aquatic life. Kapha has all the opposite qualities compared to pitta or the digestive element in the body. Trying to digest excessive Kapha is like trying to burn water!

The groundfish have even lesser exposure to the sun and they are adapted to dark, extremely cold, and passive life.

Milk is also considered to be a heavy food item. Combined together, they might pose a huge problem to the digestive system, create toxins or ama and stay in the metabolism for a long time, as kapha has stability as one of its prime qualities. It can cause permanent derailing of the physiology if not corrected at the right time. These metabolic defects are finally resolved through the least dangerous path – the skin.

Therefore, it can be concluded by the Ayurvedic logic that chilchim or the ground fish combined with milk causes excessive aggravation and derangement of kapha that leads to vitiligo.

However, it is important to note that the above two propositions are hypotheses and not yet scientifically proven. There is an urgent need for scientific experimentation to prove the above hypotheses either right or wrong.

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